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FPV Vendors`

Most of the times, common items in FPV such as motors, esc's, cameras, video transmitters, etc, can be found on Amazon.com. While Amazon might be super convenient for things like wire, plastic standoffs and kits for screws, it is not the absolute best place to purchase quad components as the prices tend to be inflated or the vendor will not stand behind the product they are selling (i.e. for returns and DOA - or dead on arrival - components).

Listed below are a number of popular, well trafficked sites that sell FPV-related gear. Many of the times, these vendors have coupon codes on circulation for some small percent off sales and many vendors provide fast (not as fast as Amazon Two-day) and free shipping if your purchase exceeds so many dollars. It is highly recommended to install the plug-in Honey if you are using the Google Chrome browser as it will snag some nice coupon codes.